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To help you decide whether or not you should lease your own property, we are providing you with a questionnaire.
If your “no” answers outnumber your “yes” replies, perhaps you would be interested in letting us help you and explain the benefits you’ll receive when you place your home in the hands of D & H Properties.

✓  I know the exact value of my property on the leasing market.

✓  I know how long it will take to lease my home based on the current rental market.

✓  I know how to obtain the out of town tenant’s attention.

✓  I have easy access to transferees with major corporations in our area and outside of our area.

✓  I have all the proper leasing forms, protecting my rights and my property.

✓  I have access to Credit Bureau information and the means to carefully check out the clients’ references.

✓  I know what to look for in a qualified tenant.

✓  I thoroughly understand the implications of leasing, including the commencement, termination, late payments, etc.

✓  I have excellent legal counsel available to me at all times.

✓  I know how to settle landlord/tenant disputes.

✓  I am available to show my property at the convenience of the prospect.

✓  I do not mind showing my home, even when people do not have an appointment and I know nothing about them.

✓  I know that the prospects looking at my property are qualified to pay the rental amount I am asking.

✓  I will be able to perfectly time both moves, and handle last minute changeovers for the tenant.

✓  I am prepared to handle a final walk through with a tenant and settle last minute details.

✓  I know what income tax benefits await me when turning my property over to a professional property management company.

✓  I fully understand the Lease Agreement and the Laws in the State of Michigan protecting myself and the tenant.

✓  I fully understand the Laws in the State of Michigan pertaining to the Landlord/Tenant Rights for the county in which I reside.

✓  I cannot think of a better way to spend my time and energy.