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Located in the suburbs of Metropolitan Detroit, Farmington Hills is one of the notable cities in Oakland County, in the state of Michigan. This city holds a population of up to 79,740 people according to the 2010 census. Farmington Hills is also ranked as one of the best cities as safety is concerned. According to the 2010 report, Farmington is ranked in the 30th safe town in the United States of America.

D & H is a company that deals in property management. This company is located in Farmington and has excellent and well-trained customer service. It is a locally owned company but has a vast knowledge when it comes to consumer service. D & H property management ensures that your building is well maintained, and the vacated house is occupied within a short span of time.

Some of the services that you will get from D & H property management include repairing the house thoroughly, replacing the handles and the broken windows, collecting the house rent for you, giving satisfactory services to your tenants, and managing all your properties. Property management should be a full-time job, which is why D & H property management has expertise experience of 29 years. This is a clear indication that D & H property management is a good and trusted company.

With affordable fees that your are expected to pay for the services offered, D & H property management give competitive prices to their clients. Considering the extreme care that is taken to your property, no one will find the fees to be high. They will always consider it as the value for their money. You can be rest assured that a Farmington, MI, property manager has the best interests at heart.

D & H property management is one of the best property managers in Michigan. Surrounded by several social amenities like the cinema, several historical sites, art galleries, fabulous car dealers, ample parking, bars and restaurants and schools, Farmington Hills remains the most strategic city in Michigan. Therefore, if you are looking for a good manager for your property, consider D & H property management for the best and quality services.

D & H property management offers a broad range of top-notch quality services. They include;

  • Management role

    If you are looking for a good manager to help you manage your property well, Farmington, MI, property manager called D & H property management is good at this role. This company will collect the rent for you and pay your insurance as well as your taxes. Monthly statements are also recorded.

  • Inspection of the property

    When a new tenant is interested in your house, D & H will inspect the condition of the house first. The manager will take photographs of the same house and send them to the owner. There is another inspection that is carried after six months.

  • Preparation of lease

    The manager will be in charge of the lease forms that are to be filled.

  • Tenant screening

    All the tenants that rent the premises are screened before allowing them in. They give their documents and credentials to D & H property management.

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