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The city of Northville, Michigan offers the amenities and facilities of a large city whilst still retaining the old world charm of a small, close town. Northville’s charming suburbs also boast beautifully maintained historic houses, many of which were built before 1930. However, Northville also offers a variety of homes, examples of which include single story family residences as well as multi level residences and larger open plan condominiums. Due to its variety of properties, Northville is popular amongst single professionals, young families and retirees alike. Northville truly has a property to suit every household.


Northville, Michigan is located in two counties, Oakland County and Wayne county, with the majority of Northville being located within Oakland County. Northville is also conveniently located within a stone’s throw of Anne Arbor and is located just 29 miles west of Detroit. In fact, many Northville residents commute to a job in Anne Arbor or Detroit on a daily basis, as both are just a short 30 minute drive away from downtown Northville. After all why live in Detroit, when you can live in a beautiful, quiet city like Northville, which is home to a few thousand lucky residents.

Downtown Northville:

Without a doubt the heart and soul of Northville is downtown Northville which offers a plethora of boutique shops, art galleries, theaters and restaurants. Taking a stroll down downtown Northville’s picturesque main street is taking a trip into the past as you’ll spot the same old fashioned street lamps, benches and landmarks that you would’ve noticed if you took a stroll downtown, decades earlier. Even Northville’s clock is a historic landmark, which has stood the test of time.

Parks & Facilities:

Northville is a popular choice for families as it offers a variety of community parks, examples of which include Millennium Park and Northville Community Park. Northville’s Parks and Recreations branch also offers a variety of sports leagues and classes for both children and adults. Northville also boasts a large community center which houses a large indoor pool as well as two full sized, fully equipped gymnasiums.

D&H Property Management:

If you’re searching for a professional property management company, located within MI , which can help you lease your Northville property, D&H Property Management can connect you with a property service manager who market, list and manage your property. If you choose to list your property with D&H Property Management, an experienced property manage will even screen your tenants, prepare lease documents, collect your rent from your tenants and will inspect your property from time to time for damage. At the end of each month the staff at D&H Property Management will also send you a monthly statement, which will contain each and every receipt which is related to your property.

So if you’re interested in leasing your Northville property and want peace of mind that your property is being well taken care of, you can’t go wrong contacting D&H Property Management’s passionate team of experienced real estate managers. After which all you’ve have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your tenant’s rent to start pouring in.

Contact Us Now to Find Out How We Can Help!