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Our services include the rental and complete management of your property.

  • Tenant Screening

    We check the applicant’s credit history, verify employment and income. We will also check personal references and landlord references. For international transferees we require them to provide an employment letter and a copy of their passport since they will not have the required credentials to do a standard background check. If needed we are able to verify employer information through our subscription to Dunn & Bradstreet.

  • Lease Preparation

    We will prepare the necessary lease forms. Specific requests for each individual property may be added to the lease contract. Our lease complies with the Michigan Truth in Renting Act. We will insure that additional forms are prepared: lead based paint disclosure, security deposit notification, and commencement-check in list. The owner will be given a copy of the lease for their records.

  • Management Duties

    We will collect the rents and make monthly payments to the owner. If requested D&H can make insurance payments, association payments and property tax payments on the owner’s behalf. We will arrange payment for contractors who performed work at the property.

  • Inspections

    Your agent will inspect the property prior to the tenants moving in. The managing agent will take digital photographs and fill out a handwritten report of the home’s condition. About every six months D&H will send an inspector to visually inspect the home for potential problems. This report will be submitted to the owner for their records. Upon move out the managing agent will inspect the home for damage (other than normal wear and tear) and prepare the final settlement of the security deposit.

  • Monthly Statements

    D&H will prepare an individual statement for your property at the end of each month. The monthly statement will show all receipts and disbursements. Original bills for any repair work performed at the home will be attached for the owner’s record. A year-end statement will be done in January to insure the accuracy of the account for the past year.

  • Special Maintenance

    If required D&H can acquire bids for roofing, painting, etc. for the owner to review.

  • Specific Requests

    We can meet most of your special needs.